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Joseph Federico, NJ MET Director of Operations, oversees the electronic component testing company’s test lab.  He oversees the engineers and engineering lab assistants who perform the component testing. Joseph establishes policies to ensure that appropriate quality standards are maintained. The policies are in line with the appropriate Military spec for testing the component.

As director of operations, Joseph Federico also ensures that NJMET practices meet the quality standards set by various relevant outside organizations and trade associations including: SAE International, ERAI, ASTM, and ITAR.

Earning an Associate degree from the Metropolitan Technical Institute, Joseph Federico went on to attend Fairleigh Dickinson University where he received a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering Technology. Concurrently, Joseph Federico worked as a Test Engineering Manager for the company his father co-founded, NJMET in Clifton, NJ. In this capacity, Joseph Federico helped set up a reliability testing department, attracting interest from many prestigious manufacturers. As a result, NJMET began working with The Boeing Company, Honeywell International Inc., British Aerospace (BAE Systems’ predecessor), and Lockheed Martin Corporation. Over the years, Joseph Federico rose to the positions of Vice President and Director of Operations. In 2002, Joseph Federico decided to open two additional NJMET branches, one in Los Angeles and the other in London, expanding the company’s testing services. As a result of Joseph Federico’s foresight, company revenue quadrupled.

Wayne, NJ, resident Joseph Federico serves as a leading electronics activist, fighting an alarming global surge in counterfeit electronic components. After several visits to the Asian-Pacific region to extensively research this epidemic, Joseph Federico created the world’s first electronic counterfeit component detection program in 2003. Subsequently, Joseph Federico’s groundbreaking program was embraced by the world’s largest online electronic component trading center. Since then, Joseph Federico has been invited by major electronic organizations across the globe to share his expertise on the subject of pirated electronics. Joseph Federico is the first American engineer invited to Russia, Israel, and China to instruct military, aerospace, and electronic component distributors to speak about this international dilemma. For his efforts, Joseph Federico was honored with the Israeli ODEM (Diamond) award. As a representative of NJMET, the company he oversees with his father, Joseph Federico was presented with the “Keeping America Strong” award. Joseph Federico is currently at work on the upcoming book MISSION IMPOSTER (R) The Remedy to Detect Counterfeit Electronic Products.

Joseph Federico recently published an article on Electronic Testing in the industry publication Test And Measurement World. Click here to read the full article.

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